A separate building is engaged for housing the packing section into which only Quality Control passed gloves are allowed to enter. Packing Section is clean and dust free with positive pressure filtered air system with controlled exit and entry points. It is kept clean and fumigated at regular intervals to ensure low bio-burden level.

State-of-the-art Packing Machines are installed for Walletting, Pouching and Sealing the gloves automatically thereby reducing human contact with the gloves to a minimum. The Walletting Machines prints and folds the wallets in-house thereby reducing contamination.

The Pouching Machine is specially designed for automatic packing of gloves. It incorporates skip sealing, photo electric cell for registration as well as a flexography system for printing of batch and other manufacturing details.

Moreover, the Pouching Machines ensure an aesthetic packing system and the integrity of the pouches. The entire process is done in a controlled and clean environment. The end result - very little chance of contamination and a great degree of hygiene.

The packed gloves are once again quality assurance checked and passed for sterilization.