In addition to Watertight Test, each batch of glove is electronically tested for micropores. Even though the controlled production produces gloves with less than 1% pinholes, 100% inspection is being done, involving over 250 skilled and trained personnel to offer you a defect free glove with a factory A. Q. L. of less than 0.65, as against International Norms of 1.5.

In addition to the standard airtight test and Watertight test, each batch ofove th Our glove is electronically tested for micro pores. This kind of electronic testing detects micro pores that otherwise might not be detectable during watertight and airtight test.

The well equipped laboratory has all the facilities and equipment to test quality of raw materials, physical properties of gloves and protein content of gloves using a Spectrophotometer. Estimation of protein is done for every batch of gloves, as per ASTM – D5712 using Modified Lowry Method.

The inhouse Microbiological Laboratory also monitors Bio-Burden Level and Sterility. The laboratory is equipped with Laminar air flow cabinet and is manned by trained and skilled microbiologists.