State-of-the-art P.L.C controlled E. T. O. Sterilization Plants with a double door system are installed which is validated to EN 550 Norms. Each process cycle's efficiency is monitored with Bio-Monitors. The process cycle also includes sufficient Air Wash Cycle to ensure that residual E. O. on the glove is low.

The carefully selected packing material used ensures that it is suitable to permit E. O. sterilization and maintain sterility during transit and storage for the shelf life of the product.

The sterilized gloves are tested for sterility in the in-house Micro Biological Laboratory.

The finished goods are cleared by Quality Control Department and Quality Assurance and undergoes Consignment Audit which includes:
A   correctness of quality, type and sizes as per order
B   correctness in pairing
C   correctness of stamping particulars
D   correctness of packing materials
E   correctness of marking on pouch / box
F   conformance to specifications of the relevant grade of gloves
G   compliance to all previous inspection and test requirements

Only the gloves which pass the specifications are transferred to the warehouse for shipment.